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Sunset at SkyTyme


This science fiction collection will take you to geosynchronous orbit, the Moon, Venus’ cloud tops, Io, Titan, and beyond! What happens when Mr. Foodster cannot synthesize inverse guacamole? What’s found under the lunar south pole? When should Q-alpha contact Q-omega? Will dusk fall too soon at SkyTyme? Buckle up and find out!

The 33,000-word book contains 2 novelettes and 4 short stories. In paperback, Kindle, and audiobook (4 hrs).

Had He Worn a Different Body?


The 21 tales in this book blend soft sci-fi, humor, absurd, and literary fiction to take the reader on unexpected journeys. From a man with a closet full of wearable bodies, to a romance budding from a remarkable loaf of bread, to an interview with an angel that takes a dark turn, there are sure to be tales here for everyone.

The 33,000-word book contains 10 flash fiction pieces and 11 short stories. In paperback, Kindle, and audiobook (4 hrs).

The Unexpected Tales Collection


A 2021 Amazon Best Seller – Science Fiction Anthologies!

A 2020 Indie Book Readers Appreciation Group (indieBRAG) Medallion Honoree!

This collection combines “Sunset at SkyTyme” and “Had He Worn A Different Body?” in one lower-priced package. Plus, additional illustrations add to the fun!

The 66,000-word book contains 2 novelettes, 15 short stories, and 10 flash fiction pieces. In paperback, Kindle, and audiobook (8 hrs).

Here’s what reviewers are saying about Brad Ashmore’s unexpected tales:

“For wit, vision, and yes, the unexpected, Unexpected Tales is unbeatable. Ray Bradbury move over, Brad Ashmore is here!”
“Creative tales with unexpected twists”
“Amusing and thought provoking”
“A fascinating read”
“Got a few minutes? Read something that will take you to a different place/perspective”
“Star Trekian Analogies”

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