The 21 tales in this 33,000-word book blend soft sci-fi, humor, absurd, and literary fiction to take the reader on unexpected journeys. From a man with a closet full of wearable bodies, to a romance budding from a remarkable loaf of bread, to an interview with an angel that takes a dark turn, there are sure to be tales here for everyone (this book would be rated PG).

Five tales follow a relationship between two professors, Amanda and Carl, via twists of sci-fi invention. The other 16 tales involve a broad range of characters steeped in soft sci-fi, humorous, or absurd situations.
Interested in how the style of the tales is similar to other works of fiction you may enjoy? Click here for stylometric analyses.
The tales are brought to life in the 4-hour audiobook by the performances of Natalie Gray and Alexander Masters, who act in separate tales.
Ten of these tales are flash fiction for quick jaunts, while the others are for longer unexpected getaways.
Brad Ashmore has yet to wear a different body. So, while in his current body, he has been a technologist, animated film creator, lead inventor of patents, and writer… not necessarily in that order. He has engineering degrees from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the University of California at Berkeley. He prefers “soft” to “hard” sci-fi to take a break from the quantitative rigor of engineering. His writing influences draw from both classic sci-fi and the absurd, for which Berkeley was ground zero. Brad lives in Silicon Valley with his family and a bad cat. When he is not at “Shut Up & Write” Meetups, he can be found in coffee shops writing or working on his next gadget. Feel free to drop Brad a note via the Contacts page.